I have the desire to write something interesting when I’m on the airplane. First of all, there are people from all around the world that can become interesting heroes to write about. Likewise, the landscapes of clouds, mountains, and towns can be a good setting to base a description on too. There are also several hours to spare: reading gets boring, the landscapes start to get repeated, and more children cry their complaints out – a perfect time to take the pen and start writing. One could even say that airplanes are writers’ paradises.

But even if we leave all these reasons aside, there is still one more juicy explanation why I love writing in the airplanes – they make me think of the plane crashes. I am not afraid of those accidents, neither am I worried, but the idea that this can be the last flight makes me want to do something useful. Airplanes are like García Márquez’s farewell letters; they remind about how precious the present moment, which we very often forget. After finishing this story I will put the notebook aside with a feeling of fulfillment and peace, with the readiness to accept the next moment and whatever it brings.

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